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RA Procedures


To return any products back to Ubiquiti Shop (whether for technical or non technical reasons), please follow the following procedures: For returns of all products purchased from Ubiquiti Shop please follow the steps below.

  1. Request RA Online, or fax in a RA application form
  2. Once your RA request has been accepted return your RA goods back to Ubiquiti Shop with a copy of your invoice from time of purchase. (Be sure to follow the instructions for return. See details below).

RA Instructions:

  1. Request for an RA number: 
    • Before returning any goods purchased through Ubiquiti Shop (whether for technical or non-technical reasons), you must first obtain a "Return Authorisation (RA) Number". The RA number is required for us to efficiently process all your returns, as well as being a tracking number for your own reference. Without the RA number, Ubiquiti Shop will not process any goods returned to us and is our right to return the goods back to the owner at the owner's expense.
      To submit an RA, please click here RMA Request 
  2. Return of Products: 
    • Return your products back to Ubiquiti Shop upon receiving confirmation to do so from Ubiquiti Shop, please return the goods back to our Service Department with a copy of the following 
      1. RA request form as submitted.
      2. A copy of the purchase Invoice
      If you are returning the goods by courier, please ensure that RA number are clearly marked on the outside of the package. (Do not write directly on the product's packaging and always return the goods contained in another packaging box). Damages done during transit due to improper packaging voids warranty. Ubiquiti Shop will not be responsible for any goods that are damaged or lost during transit. 
  3. How to check on your RA Status: 

  4. For more service & RA enquiries please complete the enquiries form here

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