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Remote Hands Service

Ubiquiti Shop will program your Ubiquiti devices for you remotely. All you have to do is provide us with your network settings. If remote access is not possible we will email you the firmware configuration files and assist you to  upload to your devices. No need for expensive technicians in the field
For configuration services prior to shipping see our Hardware Configuration Services here. 
Device Type/Model: i.e. NSM2 x 2 
Device Configuration Type: i.e. 1 x Station & 1 x Access Point.  
Device Name/s: i.e. AP1, Station1  
Device IP: i.e. & or Auto. 
Preferred Username & Password: If not provided we will create one for you. 
DHCP Settings: Yes or No, If Yes provide IP Range: i.e. to  
Required Gateway IP: i.e. (Router IP Address)  
(This service includes up to 2 devices only. For additional device configurations purchase multiple Remote Hands Services.) 
Service available to both Ubiquiti Shop Purchases and Non-Ubiquiti Shop Purchases. For configuration services prior to purchase / shipping please see our 
Configuration Service here.
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