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Sector antenna Kit 2/5GHz - 120° (large)

RF Armor, LLC produces Carrier Class RF shielding products for the Ubiquiti MIMO gear product line to reduce the front to back noise ratio, eliminate collocation interference, greatly reduce foreign/hostile interference, allowing for better channel planning, as well as protect the Rocket and Jumpers from the elements while increasing performance by providing a lower noise floor with higher sustainable air rates with fewer errors. 
Compatible with: 
AMS 2G-120°-15 (2GHz 120° 15dBi) 
AMS 5G-120°-19 (5GHz 120° 19dBi) 
Kit Dimensions: 
Height: 28inches 
Width: 11 5/8 inches 
Weight: 2 PoundsA 
Product Code:USK12025
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