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Bullet™ M2HP 2.4GHz W/POE/AUPWR

Bullet M is the latest version of the popular Ubiquiti Bullet. Like its predecessor, Bullet M is a wireless radio with an integrated Type N RF connector that can be directly plugged in to any Antenna* to create a powerful and robust outdoor Access Point, Client, or Bridge. 
The Bullet M features a signal strength LED 
meter for antenna alignment, a low-loss 
integrated N-type RF connector, and a 
robust weatherproof design. 
With up to 600mW of power and enhanced 
receiver design, the Bullet M is ideal for 
long-distance links, capable of 100Mbps+ 
real TCP/IP speeds over multi-km distances. 
24v POE Adapter 
Australian Power Cord
View Bullet M Brochure.pdfBullet M Brochure, View Bullet M Specifications.pdfBullet M Specifications 
Product Code:BM2HPWPOE
Connector Type:N-type
TX Power:600mW
Warranty:Ubiquiti Manufacturers Warranty
WiFi Compatability:802.11 b/g/n
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