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PowerBeam 5GHz AC ISO Gen2 420mm, Ubiquiti airMAX


5 GHz airMAX® ac Bridge with RF Isolated Reflector

Incorporating advanced engineering with proprietary airMAX ac technology, the PowerBeam® ac ISO is ideal for deployments requiring maximum performance and RF isolation. 
Performance Breakthrough 
airMAX® ac products offer improved latency, noise immunity, scalability and significantly increased throughput performance. 
Innovative Mechanical Design 
The integrated isolator design improves RF isolation to spatially filter out interference, and the metal-plated interior of the rear housing enhances RF shielding. 
Superior RF Isolation 
Compare the two near-field plots, and note the superior performance of the integrated RF isolator. Both near-field plots are displayed in watts and use a linear scale. 
View PowerBeamBeam 5AC ISO Gen2 Data SheetPBE-5AC-Gen2 DataSheet. 
View PowerBeam 5AC ISO Gen2 Quick Start GuidePBE-5AC-ISO-Gen2 Quick Start Guide. 
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