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EdgeRouter-8 ER-8

Ubiquiti's latest EdgeRouter addition to the EdgeMAX family, the ER-8 EdgeRouter provides higher performance (over 2M packets per second), hardware switching and powerful EdgeOS software. The EdgeRouter is rack mountable and has 8 Ethernet ports  
Direct Traffic Flow: 
• Interfaces: Each Gigabit port functions as an independent interface. You can also configure Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) interfaces to meet your network segmentation requirements. 
• Routing: Configure static routes and dynamic routing protocols to effectively manage the routes used by the EdgeRouter. 
Secure Your Network: 
• Firewall Policies: Organize the rules you apply in the order you specify. 
• Firewall Groups: Apply the policies to groups filtered by IP address, network address, or port number. 
• NAT Rules: The EdgeRouter changes packet addressing based on your customized source and destination NAT rules. 
Manage Your Network: 
• DHCP Server: Set up multiple DHCP servers to assign IP ranges in different subnets on the different interfaces. Easily control dynamic and static IP addressing for your network devices. 
• Monitoring Tools: Conveniently track network activity and devices from tools such as Ping, Trace, Discover, Packet Capture, and Log Monitor. 
• User Accounts: Manage access to the EdgeRouter using unique administrator and operator accounts. 
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